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Mothers® Product History The Mothers® Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners was founded in 1971 as a family owned and operated business. Over the years, Mothers® has improved its core technology in correlation with changes in paint technologies and has always offered premium car care products that span most all markets. The people at Mothers® firmly believe that the time people spend cleaning their vehicles is an investment in the health and beauty of those vehicles and, because of this philosophy, they have dedicated decades to perfecting their science and bringing consumers the highest quality products. There is no shine like Mothers®.

Mothers® Products
Airborne contaminants, corrosive pollutants and harsh environmental conditions can all contribute to the premature aging of a car's paint. Regular washing and waxing can easily make the difference between a long lasting, luminous glow, or a dull, dumpy finish. Proper vehicle maintenance involves cleaning paint and keeping it clean, which is a much smarter choice, in the long run, than trying to repair distressed, damaged paint. Mothers® offers a unique and wide product line that includes everything needed to clean, polish and care for vehicles.
The Mothers® product line is divided into four distinct categories: Reflections®, FX, Power Products and California Gold/Mothers Original. Each unique product category helps discerning consumers decide what types of products best suit their vehicles as well as their individual outcome intentions.

Mothers® Reflections® Mothers® Reflections® is for discerning automotive enthusiasts and offers a refined blend of high-tech and high-class products. These products leave vehicles looking clean and classic without looking too glossy or “wet.” The Reflections® line was developed specifically for the complex finishes found on cars today and offers benefits such as deep gloss, long lasting durability and high shine, while still being quick and easy to use.

Mothers® FX Mothers® engineered the FX line to be the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art products available today. The FX products are designed for “next generation car enthusiasts” that enjoy a very high gloss, “wet” look for their vehicles. These products also offer unsurpassed protection along with their high aesthetic appeal. The products on the FX line are incredibly quick and easy to apply, adding to their appeal for many who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their vehicles.

Power Products Mothers® Power Products are the first and only car care formulas specifically designed for consumer machine (random orbital, rotary and dual-action) application. These products were created from the start to be used with power buffers, unlike other products that are designed for hand use but later modified to be machine compatible.

Mothers® California Gold®/Original Products Mothers® California Gold®/Original products are optimal for detail-oriented vehicle owners who have time for a weekend clean-up and detail jobs. These products are ideal for use for car shows or other opportunities to show off the true beauty of a vehicle.

Mothers® Marine Products Mothers Marine Products are surface care formulas specifically designed for the demands of marine applications. Special formulation makes these products safe and easy to use on all marine equipment.

Reflections® Car Wax
Advancements in liquid polymer technologies allow for the careful blend of mild cleaners with high-gloss polymers. It is easy to use and provides a stunning, super wet, long-lasting protective shine. Can be used as a stand alone product, or for optimal results, follow with Reflections® Top Coat.

Reflections® Leather Care

The fast, simple and easy way to care for car leather. The unique pH balanced neat’s-foot oil and lanolin formula safely deep cleans and conditions, leaving behind a soft, supple leather surface. Routine maintenance with Mothers® Reflections® Advanced Leather Care will keep leather looking and feeling great for years.

Reflections® Top Coat

Designed as a high-gloss final step. Has no cleaners and is clearcoat safe so it can be used on top of any car wax, sealant or glaze. Ideal for use after Reflections® Car Wax. The combination of natural waxes and synthetic polymers gives paint additional gloss, depth and superior protection.

Reflections® Spray Wax

The quick and easy way to add shine and protection. Used on a wet or dry surface, this clearcoat safe product works as a stand alone wax, a booster over existing wax or as a touch-up on high-use areas. Mothers® Reflections® Spray Wax is as versatile as it is simple to use

Reflections® Tire Care

Provides a rich, satin-like, non-oily finish that is show car perfect. The unique formula protects against harsh elements, brake dust and UV damage, yet makes tires look like new for weeks and weeks.

Mothers® FX

FX SynWax

Designed to give paint uncompromising protection while providing unequaled shine and ease of use - the wax spreads quickly and easily. Removal is a breeze, leaving behind super-tough, engineered polymers that bond to the paint and protect against harmful UV damage and other environmental concerns.

FX Wheel Cleaner

Brake dust is a thing of the past with this safe, powerful, fast acting wheel cleaner. Simply spray Mothers® FX™ Wheel Cleaner on a cool, dry wheel, wait a minute, and hose off brake dust and road grime revealing beautiful rims. Safe for all wheel types including clearcoated, painted, polished and chrome.

FX Tire Shine

The exclusive high-gloss, state-of-the-art surface care technology keeps today’s tires protected and looking great. Custom-crafted polymers and advanced coating agents bond with the tire’s surface, shielding it from UV oxidation, brake dust and road grime. Gives tires a “just dressed” finish that won’t brown or sling.

FX Spray Wax

Advanced technology designed for today’s paints. Simply mist on clean paint (wet or dry), spread evenly, then buff to a brilliant shine. Thanks to high-tech chemistry, Mothers® FX™ Spray Wax can be used as a booster over existing wax, as a stand-alone product, or to maintain high-use areas of a vehicle.




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